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Will Inspired Acoustics continue to offer Hauptwerk 4 sample sets after Hauptwerk V is released?

Yes, both for existing sample sets and for new releases. Although Milan Digital Audio will stop applying license updates for the Hauptwerk 4 dongle shortly after Hauptwerk V is released, we will keep offering our sample sets on Hauptwerk 4 without a firm end of marketing date. To make this technically possible and provide compatibility with Hauptwerk 4 in future Inspired Acoustics sample sets, we will use an encryption method that does not require a Hauptwerk 4 USB dongle update. Existing sample sets will be re-encrypted to work without a dongle update on Hauptwerk 4. Your current Hauptwerk 4 USB dongle with a valid license will be required and the sample set will be operational as long as your dongle works.

Since there will be no way of removing a license from your Hauptwerk 4 dongle apart from the upgrade process to Hauptwerk V, license transfers for Hauptwerk 4 compatible Inspired Acoustics sample sets will not be technically feasible unless you transfer the dongle itself also. 

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