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Sample set migration process: converting the licenses of existing sample sets and downloading the new sample set versions

Upon purchasing Hauptwerk, you will receive a detailed step-by-step instruction by Milan Digital Audio on how to migrate sample sets. In this section, we only cover the process in general to give you an idea of the entire process, and then cover those parts that involve Inspired Acoustics in more detail. 

During the migration process, Hauptwerk V will read your Hauptwerk 4 USB key and move your existing licenses from your dongle to a license update request file that needs to be submitted to Milan Digital Audio via their web form on their website. This website will then convert your licenses to the Hauptwerk V compatible PACE iLok license system and assign the licenses to your account. The conversion is made by Milan Digital Audio and PACE and Inspired Acoustics are not involved in this. If anything does not work as intended, please consult with Milan Digital Audio directly. After the migration/conversion process has finished, your iLok account should automatically contain the new licenses for the sample sets. No Activation Code or anything else should be entered - the licenses will be assigned to your iLok account automatically.

Migrating licenses from the Hauptwerk 4 USB dongle to the Hauptwerk V iLok system

  1. Migrate your licenses following the step-by-step instructions of Milan Digital Audio from within Hauptwerk V. These instructions were sent to you by e-mail from Milan Digital Audio. In the iLok License Manager software, please Activate your licenses to your physical iLok key or to a Cloud Session.

  2. Hauptwerk V has to identify new sample set licenses, so before installing any new sample sets in the Hauptwerk V format, please download and install the latest “licensing package” containing this information from Milan Digital Audio through their website:

Accessing and downloading the new Hauptwerk V compatible sample set installation files 

  1. Please go to the Inspired Acoustics website, log in and visit My Products.

    1. If you have your Hauptwerk 4 product registered already, go to the next Step.

    2. If you do not have your Hauptwerk 4 product registered, locate its Serial Number Inspired Acoustics has given to you on your purchase (either in e-mail or in the physical box) and register the product, then proceed to the next Step.

    3. If you forgot or lost your Serial Number, please contact us via Support.

  2. Near each of your registered Hauptwerk 4 compatible products at the My Products page, you will see a “Migrate to Hauptwerk V” button. Press that button and the downloadable files for your product will be automatically migrated to the Hauptwerk V format. You can now download the Hauptwerk V compatible sample set format.

  3. Then please install the downloaded sample sets in Hauptwerk V format from Inspired Acoustics. There is no need to uninstall the sample sets. When prompted, proceed with the re-installation.

  4. After your sample set is installed, you can load it. Your settings should be kept intact. During the first loading, Hauptwerk V will re-cache the organ, this is a one-time process, subsequent loads will be made from the cache and will be faster.

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