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What do I need to know about upgrading to Hauptwerk 5?
Technical requirements to upgrade to Hauptwerk V
Sample set migration process: converting the licenses of existing sample sets and downloading the new sample set versions
I have an iLok license for my Inspired Acoustics sample set, but I do not have an Activation Code, so I cannot register and access the sample set download at the Inspired Acoustics website.
Can I avoid reinstalling all my sample sets when upgrading to Hauptwerk V?
Can I avoid re-downloading all my sample sets when upgrading to Hauptwerk V?
I have more than one Hauptwerk 4 USB dongle. Can I keep one of them and upgrade the other?
When I migrate my sample sets to Hauptwerk V, will my organ configurations, combination files and settings be retained?
Which Inspired Acoustics sample sets can be potentially migrated from Hauptwerk 4 to Hauptwerk V?
Does it cost anything to migrate Inspired Acoustics Hauptwerk 4 sample sets to Hauptwerk V sample sets?
What are Activation Codes and how do I use them?
What is the difference between a Serial Number, a Voucher and an Activation Code?
Will Inspired Acoustics continue to offer Hauptwerk 4 sample sets after Hauptwerk V is released?
What do I do if I am happy with Hauptwerk 4 and my current sample sets and I do not upgrade to Hauptwerk V at the moment?
How does the refund policy of Inspired Acoustics change with Hauptwerk V released?
How do I update my iLok account with a new Hauptwerk v5 sample set license?
I received error message with Message code 1223 in Hauptwerk V in an attempt to install my virtual pipe organ I just purchased. What should I do?

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