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I have more than one Hauptwerk 4 USB dongle. Can I keep one of them and upgrade the other?

Technically, yes, but we recommend using different Hauptwerk versions on different computers. Hauptwerk 4 and Hauptwerk V are not designed to be installed on the same computer simultaneously and unless you are a highly advanced user to make this possible we do not recommend running Hauptwerk 4 and Hauptwerk V on the same computer. When migrating any one of your Hauptwerk 4 USB dongle to Hauptwerk V, that old Hauptwerk 4 dongle will be wiped and void, and only the other dongle(s) will keep working. You can also upgrade all your Hauptwerk 4 dongles and then all of them will be replaced with the new Hauptwerk V compatible licenses. Please note that if you wish to move certain licenses between your Hauptwerk 4 dongles before migration to Hauptwerk V, you will need to contact Milan Digital Audio and this process might cost some administration fee.