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Thank you for your interest in the products of Inspired Acoustics! To purchase with direct delivery from IA, the IA online webstore is available 24/7 at your service. By using this secure store you can order and access your products conveniently and quickly.

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The IA webstore is operated by FastSpring, an online reseller of Inspired Acoustics in the USA. Orders are completed by Inspired Acoustics and products ship from Hungary (European Union) except Hauptwerk that might ship either from the United States of America or from Hungary depending on stock availability.

Download delivery access

You can choose to receive your product in a download delivery form, which is more cost-effective and provides quicker access to your product. After purchasing a product with download delivery, you receive a serial number by e-mail from the webstore. This serial number allows you to access the download on the IA server. To access the download, please create a free account on this website, in case you do not already have one. With this account you can also communicate technical support inquiries to us and access updates and additional contents to your products. To access the download, the procedure is as follows:

If you already have an Inspired Acoustics user account
If you do not yet have an Inspired Acoustics user account
  1. Please log in to your account
    You can also use the box on the left of this page entitled Sign In to log in.
  2. Click on the 'Register new product' menu and enter the Serial Number you received during your purchase
  3. Check your e-mail and access the download
  1. Click here to sign up to create a new account
  2. Check your e-mail, activate your account and log in
  3. Click on the 'Register new product' menu and enter the Serial Number you received during your purchase
  4. Check your e-mail and access the download

Please note that downloading large amounts of data over a metered Internet connection might result additional charges to you by your Internet Service Provider. A metered Internet connection is when a service provider charges by the amount of data sent and received by your computer - these plans often have a data limit, and if you exceed the limit you might have to pay extra or you are not charged extra but your connection speed becomes slower until the billing cycle ends. Before you start large downloads on a metered Internet connection, please be sure to check your Internet connection plan. Also, please allow enough time for the download to finish - for broadband connections downloads usually finish in about 2-10 hours depending on the product size. Download times will vary based on your connection speed and other factors. Please also note all downloads have been tested and work.

License update procedure for Hauptwerk products

Some IA products require a license activation.

For Hauptwerk compatible products, this activation process is made by Milan Digital Audio. The procedure will install the license of the organ to your Hauptwerk USB key (dongle). After you purchased an IA product, IA determines whether you need a license update on your Hauptwerk USB key for your product or not. In case there is no need for a license update, you can use the product immediately after installing it. In case you need a license update IA notifies Milan Digital Audio about your purchase in a short time-frame, usually within minutes after your purchase. In this notification, your name, e-mail address and country name is sent to Milan Digital Audio so that they can complete your license update. After your purchase, please request your license update at the website:

Academic discount for personal use

Personal licenses of several IA products are offered for students at a discounted rate of fifty percent. In case you are a student, please contact us for further information and provide us with some proof of eligibility, such as a school e-mail address or a copy of your current student ID. We will respond you with a coupon code that you can apply in the web store.

Public and multi-seat licenses

Several IA products are offered with public multi-seat licenses as an alternative to private personal licenses.

Top 3 reasons to purchase public licenses for professional purposes

  1. Flexible licensing - one professional license for your institution and one personal for your home or for your organist is included
  2. Quality and ease of use - with the complete set of pipe organ controls, couplers and combination action that you and your client is familiar to
  3. Semi-dry acoustics - allowing multipurpose use and installation to reverberant spaces, or addition of external reverb

What differentiates the public licenses to the personal one?

With a public license, in addition to the personal license you can:

  • permanently or temporarily install the sample library on a computer for public use
  • use the sample library in a freely accessible public space (museum lobby, private school, demonstrational use, space of worship)
  • use the sample library in a public space that is paid to be accessible (recording studio, concert hall permanent installation, public school)
  • give paid concerts and play on tours with the sample library
  • use in master courses / classes
  • use the sample library with commercial or non-commercial clients of yours
  • create, broadcast and publish sound recordings (labeling restrictions of sound origin apply)

Example uses of our pipe organ sample libraries with public licenses include:

  • Church, parish installation for freely accessible service and free/charity concerts
  • Concert hall or opera house permanent installation
  • Public school installation in classroom or practice room
  • Public school installation in concert hall using in free/charity concerts
  • Private school installation in classroom, concert hall or practice room
  • Museum public space installation
  • Concert hall lobby public space installation
  • Recording studio serving paid clients
  • Touring concerts / mobile public presentations
  • Orchestral reharsals and concerts
  • Use in R&D projects.

Additional information

  • End-User License Agreement (EULA) for Private licenses of Hauptwerk platform organs. (PDF)
  • End-User License Agreement (EULA) for Commercial licenses of Hauptwerk platform organs. (PDF)
  • End-User License Agreement (EULA) for INSP:IR VSL Edition. (PDF)
  • Duties, taxes and VAT
  • Return policy