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Last updated: 12 May 2023

To provide full compliance with international trade restrictions, we may refuse, refund, or partially refund your purchase and/or offer a download delivery, as applicable for sales from the Russian Federation, Belarus, and/or Ukraine. If you have any questions related to this, please contact us before purchasing.

Online IA Store

Thank you for your interest in the products of Inspired Acoustics! To purchase with direct delivery from IA, the IA online webstore is available 24/7 at your service. By using this secure store you can order and access your products conveniently and quickly. The IA webstore is operated by FastSpring, an online reseller of Inspired Acoustics in the USA. Orders are fulfilled by Inspired Acoustics and products ship from Hungary (European Union).

Download delivery

Most of our products are offered in a download delivery form, which is more cost-effective and provides quicker access to your product. After purchasing a product with download delivery, the download will be automatically assigned to your IA account on this website. If you do not have an IA account yet, please create one. Inspired Acoustics products can be downloaded from the 'My Products' page. If no product appears there already, click on the 'Register new product' menu and enter the Serial Number, Voucher, or Activation Code you received during your purchase, and then your product will appear within a minute. You will also receive the download information by e-mail. If no e-mail is received, please make sure it did not go to your spam folder before submitting a support ticket with us.

Please note that downloading large amounts of data over a metered Internet connection might result in additional charges to you by your Internet Service Provider. A metered Internet connection is when a service provider charges by the amount of data sent and received by your computer - these plans often have a data limit, and if you exceed the limit you might have to pay extra or you are not charged extra but your connection speed becomes slower until the billing cycle ends. Before you start large downloads on a metered Internet connection, please be sure to check your Internet connection plan. Also, please allow enough time for the download to finish - for broadband connections downloads usually finish in about 2-10 hours depending on the product size. Download times will vary based on your connection speed and other factors. Please also note all downloads have been tested and work.

Physical (box) delivery

Due to several restrictions and limitations, shipping physical packages to the following countries is currently not possible:

Burma, Central African Republic, Comoros, Cuba, Equatorial Guinea, Falklands, Guinea Bissau, Iran, Iraq, Johnston Island, Kiribati, Mayotte Island, Myanmar, Nauru, Niue, North Korea, Saint Pierre Et Miquelon, Sao Tome & Principe, Sierra Leone, Solomon Islands, Somalia, St. Helena, Sudan, Syria, Tajikistan, Tokelau Islands, Republic of Turkmenistan, Tuvalu, Wake Islands, Western Sahara, The Republic of Yemen, Zimbabwe.

Academic discount for personal use

Personal licenses of several IA products are offered for students at a discounted rate of fifty percent. In case you are a student, please contact us for further information and provide us with some proof of eligibility, such as a school e-mail address or a copy of your current student ID. We will respond to you with additional questions or with a coupon code that you can apply in the web store.

B2B, volume and multi-seat licenses

If you are looking for institutional use of our products (e.g., company-wide licensing, classroom licenses, etc.) several IA products are offered either directly by Inspired Acoustics or by country representatives in certain regions of the world. Please contact us if you wish to purchase such licenses.

Additional information

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