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How do I update my iLok account with a new Hauptwerk v5 sample set license?

Certain Inspired Acoustics virtual pipe organ sample sets come in an encrypted format compatible with Hauptwerk V (version 5) requiring the presence of a Hauptwerk V license either on an iLok USB key (dongle) or as an iLok Cloud license. Your iLok account stores license both for Hauptwerk V and for the sample set on it. Inspired Acoustics provides you with a unique Activation Code for your product to download the product and access support, but in addition to that, the Activation Code is also used to Redeem and Activate the license in the PACE iLok License Manager app. Redeeming and Activating the license means that you convert the activation code as a voucher to a valid license.

If you purchased this product directly from Inspired Acoustics, a one-time license activation is required before you can load the sample set in Hauptwerk. If you purchased this product from a reseller, the reseller might have assigned you the necessary Activation Code for your license, or already activated it on your iLok account. Please consult with your reseller to learn more about this. In case you need this Activation Code later, you can view it in the PACE iLok License Manager app.

The license activation using the iLok system is entirely self-service and instantaneous, there is no need to wait for any third party to redeem your license.

To redeem an Activation Code and install a sample set properly, please follow the procedures below.

  1. Locate your Activation Code, and then copy and paste it to iLok License Manager app.
    1. The Activation Code can be most easily located under My Products on this website after logging in.

    2. If you purchased a physical retail box, the Activation Code is delivered to you in a printed form. You can use the Activation Code to register your product, too.

    3. Launch the PACE iLok License Manager app, Sign in, go to Licenses > Redeem Activation Code.

  2. Download the latest licensing packages from Milan Digital Audio, start Hauptwerk and install this package.
    1. To download the current version of the Hauptwerk licensing packages file, please visit

    2. Launch Hauptwerk and then use 'File | Install ...' to install it within Hauptwerk.

  3. Download the sample set from Inspired Acoustics and then install it using Hauptwerk.

For licenses involved in migration from previous versions of Hauptwerk, there is no Activation Code issued. Please read more about migrations from previous Hauptwerk versions here.

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