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How do I update my Hauptwerk v3 and v4 USB key with a new license?

Certain Inspired Acoustics virtual pipe organ sample sets come in an encrypted format compatible with Hauptwerk v3 and v4 versions requiring the presence of a Hauptwerk v3/v4 USB key (dongle) with a valid license for the sample set on it. Inspired Acoustics provides you with a unique serial number for your product to download the product and access support, but in addition to this serial number, you also need to have a license installed on your Hauptwerk v3/v4 USB key to use this sample set.

If you purchased this product directly from Inspired Acoustics, a one-time license activation procedure will be required to be completed before you can load the sample set in Hauptwerk. If you purchased this product from a reseller, the license update procedure may not be necessary in case your reseller already did it for you - please consult with your reseller.

The license update procedure will authorize your physical USB key (dongle) provided with Hauptwerk v3/v4 to allow loading the organ. The license update procedure for sample sets designed for Hauptwerk v3/v4 is done between you and the Hauptwerk software publisher Milan Digital Audio. The procedure is detailed in the Hauptwerk user manual.

In short, you need to generate a license file in Hauptwerk and send this file to Milan Digital Audio by e-mail or via their website. 

Once they received the license file from you, they will respond with a new license file that you can import into Hauptwerk containing the new license for the sample set you purchased. No further procedures or activation codes are required to use the sample set and this procedure needs to be done one time only.

Please note that the license update procedure may take a day or even several days depending on time zones and holidays and the availability of Milan Digital Audio staff. Inspired Acoustics has no control on the speed of this process. Upon your purchase Inspired Acoustics notifies Milan Digital Audio automatically and instantaneously so that they can be prepared to fulfill your license update request.

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