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Version history and changelog

This is the version history and changelog of Inspirata indicating what was changed in which version. We recommend running the latest version of Inspirata at any time. Here is how to get the latest version and update your instance.


Changes below affect all editions.


  • Minor GUI improvements


  • Fixed loading the previously saved source and listener positions when re-opening a project in a DAW
  • Fixed an issue in the behavior of A/B compare
  • Fixed issues causing some DAWs not to list all installed editions when more editions were present
  • Improve the GUI to keep the resizer control visible when the Settings or About panel is shown


  • Installer: installation of the default room is now optional


  • Fixed a rare possible hang that may occur when deleting a plugin instance
  • Fixed a compatibility issue with Logic Pro in certain Mac configurations
  • Fixed a compatibility issue with GarageBand in certain Mac configurations


  • Fixed a multichannel speaker setup configuration signal path issue affecting configuration with fewer channels than the number of outputs (Professional, Immersive)


  • Minor GUI improvements


  • Initial release

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