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How do I update Inspirata to a new version?

Inspirata, as many software packages, has updates. Updates are meant to improve the features and performance of the product and correct issues that are found.

  • To update Inspirata, launch IA Connect, select your product, hit the Re-download/update button and redownload the product. This will ensure you always get the latest version. Then proceed with the installation as before.
  • To check which version you are running right now, launch Inspirata and check either the main screen near the logo showing a version number such as v.1.0.0 or similar, or go to Settings and About in Inspirata and there you will find the version you are running.
  • To check which version is current, go to the version history and changelog and there you will find the latest version.

In order to get the latest version of Inspirata, there is no need to check versions, just get the current one by downloading it. After the download has finished, install Inspirata and rescan your plugins folder.

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