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What is the difference between a Serial Number, a Voucher and an Activation Code?

Serial Numbers and Vouchers are codes issued by Inspired Acoustics allowing you to identify your product transaction, such as a product purchase or download access redemption.

For example, you get a voucher code or serial number that allows you to register a product and download it. Also, it allows you to redeem an Activation Code, if one is required for your product to function.

Activation Codes identify your iLok licenses and are issued to you by Inspired Acoustics. If you received an Activation Code only and not a voucher or serial number, you can use the Activation Code both to redeem your download and to add the license of your product to the iLok License Manager. Activation Codes are recognized by the iLok License Manager and allow you to redeem and activate the license for your product.

If you are unsure if you have an Activation Code, a Serial Number or a Voucher, do not worry, because all of them will be recognized by the Inspired Acoustics website and will allow you to register your product.

Note that for migrations between sample sets for Hauptwerk 4 and Hauptwerk V and later products, in many cases, no Activation Codes are involved, but the licenses are directly added to your iLok dongle. For such products you already have a previous, Hauptwerk 4 compatible sample set registered with Inspired Acoustics, so the download access will be provided to you without the need of an Activation Code, based on the previous Hauptwerk 4 sample set you already registered.

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