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What do I do if I am happy with Hauptwerk 4 and my current sample sets and I do not upgrade to Hauptwerk V at the moment?

You can keep using Hauptwerk 4 and existing sample sets as long as your USB dongle works, but Milan Digital Audio will stop providing technical support at some time in the future after Hauptwerk V is released. Note that when the software support for Hauptwerk 4 stops, you will not be able to contact Milan Digital Audio with questions or support requests. Please consult with Milan Digital Audio for further information.

After around 31st March 2020, you will not be able to activate new licenses since the Hauptwerk 4 USB dongle (the HASP dongle) will not be managed by Milan Digital Audio any further.

Inspired Acoustics, however, will keep supporting and releasing new sample set titles for Hauptwerk 4 as long as it is reasonable to do so with no firm end of support target date. Both current and new products compatible with Hauptwerk 4 format will not require dongle updates anymore starting from the date Milan Digital Audio stops managing Hauptwerk 4 dongles. So Inspired Acoustics sample sets from that time will work regardless of the inability to update your dongle. 

If you keep using Hauptwerk 4 until your dongle stops working physically, you might need to upgrade to Hauptwerk V to keep using Hauptwerk.