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Where should I put the Data folder of IA Connect and what is it good for?

The Data folder of IA Connect stores the data and the installation files of your products. For each product this can be a lot of files, small to large, so separately downloading would be rather inconvenient. In case of audio plugins, the installation files contain Windows executables or Mac PKG files that you can launch when downloaded, and install your product using them. For room packs, the data folder contains the room data themselves. For virtual instruments, they contain the compressed files for the Hauptwerk installer or the sample files directly for NI Kontakt and other platforms. You can move the Data folder to anywhere on your computer that is writable and has enough free space, such as My Products or Home or a partition of your hard drive where you store photos. It is important to note that the Data folder should not be placed at Program Files, VST folders or places that are protected by the operating system and can be read-only for apps like IA Connect.

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