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My download does not start or the speed is very slow. How can I increase the speed?

IA Connect uses a download engine that makes every effort to connect you to the download servers and get the data securely to your computer regardless of where you are. However, in certain cases there can be connectivity issues and complex network infrastructure between your downloading computer and the servers which can limit the transfer speed.

As we get more experience with potential resolutions we are updating IA Connect to try mitigating these issues automatically, but here are a few hints and tips you can potentially do to speed up downloads.

Check your CPU usage

IA Connect uses a secure download system and transfers the data in smaller packages that needs to be decoded and checked. This can use a certain amount of CPUs and a decent computer with adequate CPU resources available can help speeding up the process. Low powered computers like Raspberry Pi or computers with CPUs older than approximately 10 years may experience slower connections.

Avoid using mobile data and public Wi-Fi connections and connections while you are on the move

Connections through mobile network data providers and public Wi-Fi connections are often heavily guarded by complex and very different firewalls which may filter out the data flow to an extent it becomes very slow. Try using stable, cable based connections if possible.

Check and adjust your home router settings

If you have a NAT router which supports UPnP, make sure the UPnP setting is enabled on your router. This setting, when enabled, will automatically help IA Connect to establish direct connections to the servers by setting up the necessary port forwarding settings without any intervention. If this setting was not enabled before and you can enable it, restart IA Connect to make the settings effective.

If you are downloading from your home where you have access to your router, check if you have any data filtering applied and try temporarily disabling them. Such data filters may include parental control settings or custom DNS servers (such as OpenDNS) as some of them may accidentally filter the servers or put a bottleneck to the connections. Try disabling them temporarily and see if this speeds up your download. It may take up 10-30 minutes to see any effect and you may need to restart your router and/or your computer also.

How much time I should wait for the download to start?

Normally, downloads should start within 1 minute after you first requested a download to start. During busy times, IA Connect will try to seek for servers with free slots to speed up your download automatically. This may take up even 30 minutes. Even if the download starts slowly, it may gain more speed later without adjusting anything.

If your download hangs and does not start for a long time

In rare occasions it can happen that you start downloading by pressing the 'play' button to start the download, but nothing really happens and the download seems to be stuck before it has started. The reason behind this can be related to a multitude of problems, but in most cases, it is related to the download subsystem unable to start properly and IA Connect cannot start establishing connections. To resolve this, try restarting your computer and disabling, temporarily, your firewall or antivirus software, if you have any. We are working on resolving these issues automatically in future updates.

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