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Can I still use my Hauptwerk v4 sample sets?

Existing Inspired Acoustics Hauptwerk v4 sample sets no longer require a license update procedure

As you may know it by now, Milan Digital Audio stopped applying license updates for the Hauptwerk 4 dongle from 31st March 2020. Although the license updates are not available, we will keep offering our sample sets for Hauptwerk 4 without a firm end of marketing date, as announced previously. To make this technically possible and provide compatibility with Hauptwerk 4, Inspired Acoustics sample sets will use an encryption method that does not require the completion of a Hauptwerk 4 USB dongle update procedure. Existing sample sets are already re-encrypted to work without a dongle update on Hauptwerk 4. If you already have the sample set installed in your computer, there is no need to act now. Please note, however, that your current Hauptwerk 4 USB dongle with a valid Hauptwerk v4 license will still be required for the newly re-encoded sample sets and for new Hauptwerk v4 compatible sample set purchases, and the sample set will be operational as long as your USB dongle works. Milan Digital Audio no longer offers replacement dongles to our best knowledge.

If you are happy with Hauptwerk 4, you can keep using Hauptwerk 4 and existing sample sets as long as your v4 USB dongle works, but Milan Digital Audio does not provide technical support for Hauptwerk 4 any more. Please consult with Milan Digital Audio for further information.

New virtual organ releases for Hauptwerk v4

Inspired Acoustics, however, will keep supporting and releasing new sample set titles for Hauptwerk v4 as long as it is reasonable to do so with no firm end of support target date. Both current and new products compatible with Hauptwerk 4 format will no longer require dongle updates.

Upgrading Hauptwerk v4 sample sets purchased after 31 March 2020 to Hauptwerk v5

If you want to migrate to Hauptwerk V and your existing Inspired Acoustics products, you can still manage this without further difficulties. All Inspired Acoustics sample sets in Hauptwerk 3 and Hauptwerk 4 formats purchased before 31 March 2020 will be migrated for free to Hauptwerk V if you upgrade them until 1 October 2020. After 1 October 2020, sample set migration upgrades will be charged a small, one-time license migration fee per sample set. Licenses for Inspired Acoustics Hauptwerk 3 or Hauptwerk 4 sample sets purchased after 31 March 2020 (the newly encoded ones not requiring a v4 dongle update procedure), can be upgraded to v5 format at any time at a small fee per sample set covering the costs of the new activation codes. This new activation code is necessary because Hauptwerk V's built-in sample set migration process will not recognize these v4 licenses automatically. The migration process yields the same Edition of the product that you already have (for example, PAB Professional v2 for Hauptwerk 4 will be migrated to PAB Professional v2 for Hauptwerk V). The one-time license migration fee is $15. The fastest way of obtaining the new installer packages is to download them directly from the Inspired Acoustics website after choosing the migrating option under 'My Products' menu on our webpage after logging in.

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