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[Solved] IA Connect displays 'the download folder is missing and failed to be created'

When you first start IA Connect, it asks for a download folder to be chosen. This download folder will store the installation and data files for your product, that you can use to setup your product. The error appears when IA Connect is given a folder where it cannot store its data due to permission issues. For example, on Windows, folders like 'C:\Program Files\anything' can exhibit such issues. On Mac, OS X versions from Catalina and up, the folders where your application executables are stored will yield the same error.

To resolve this problem:

  • You need to choose a folder where IA Connect can save its downloaded data.
    • on Windows systems, you can choose your My Documents folder or a partition where you are generally storing your data
    • on a Mac system, you can choose your home folder or locations where you store your data

Note: Since IA Connect is downloading installation and data files, the folder should be different from your VST plugins folder.

To modify the download folder in IA Connect, go to Settings (cogwheel icon) and select another path for the Data folder.

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