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Does it cost anything to migrate Inspired Acoustics Hauptwerk 4 sample sets to Hauptwerk V sample sets?

All Inspired Acoustics sample sets in Hauptwerk 3 and Hauptwerk 4 formats purchased before 31 March 2020 will be migrated for free to Hauptwerk V if you upgrade them until 1 October 2020. After 1 October 2020, sample set migration upgrades will be charged a small, one-time license migration fee per sample set.

Licenses for Inspired Acoustics Hauptwerk 3 or Hauptwerk 4 sample sets purchased after 31 March 2020, upgraded at any time, will be upgraded at a small fee per sample set. This is because Hauptwerk V's built-in sample set migration process will not recognize these licenses automatically.

The migration process yields the same Edition of the product that you already have (for example, PAB Professional v2 for Hauptwerk 4 will be migrated to PAB Professional v2 for Hauptwerk V).

The one-time license migration fee will be announced later, but will likely be $18 or less.

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