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I would like to sell the sample set or software I bought. Am I allowed to do this?

In all countries, the End-User License Agreement (EULA) covers the rules of transferring the license of the sample set or software you purchased. Customers living outside the European Union are currently not allowed to transfer the license unless a written permission is given by Inspired Acoustics. Please notify us if you intend to transfer your license to someone else and Inspired Acoustics will review the situation and provide further details. In case you live in the European Union, you are automatically permitted to transfer the license of your sample set to someone else. To technically transfer the sample set’s license to someone else, you will be required to remove the license from your computer completely, including the installation files for downloaded products or the retail box itself if you purchased one, and all copies and backups of the installation materials, and you will also be required to deactivate (remove) the license from your USB dongle so that the new buyer can activate (install) the license. A small amount of transferring fee will be required to be paid, covering the license de-activation and activation processes. Please contact us for further details. In case you are transferring the USB dongle physically and permanently, and therefore no license transfer will be required, the fee is not required. The new customer is entitled for additional technical support from IA in case of purchasing a support plan for transferred license.