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My download or my installation failed or I received an error message ERR:1166. What should I do?

Certain Inspired Acoustics virtual pipe organs contain a large amount of data and come with correspondingly large installation packages. Such amount of data is often difficult to download using a web browser or a downloader add-on. Therefore, these large downloads are split into parts and they are served using FTP, file transfer protocol, a method specifically designed to handle file transfers. To download the installer files manually we recommend using FileZilla, a free FTP client. If you are not sure whether your download was successful or the installation has failed for another reason, the first thing you can try is to check the validity of the downloaded files. To do this, please use the provided MD5 checksums and check which one of them, if any, was downloaded incorrectly. Incorrect downloads can happen due to an Internet connection dropout, a full hard disk or for various other reasons. These MD5 checksums provide unique signatures for each file, and they will indicate if the downloaded file is correct or corrupt. Those files that are corrupt can be re-download again and re-checked. If you are still unsure why the installation has failed, please send us a Hauptwerk diagnostic file and we will look into the problem to find the solution. In case you do not wish to download the product but obtain the retail box version instead after you already purchased the download version, you can still purchase the retail box itself without paying a license fee on this page. Downloading large files over a metered Internet connection (when your Internet Service Provider charges by the amount of data sent and received by your computer) can be expensive so please make sure you have the appropriate connection properties before proceeding with a download.

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