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The Dynamic KeyboardMass™

Keyboards and tracker actions of pipe organ have mass and hence inertia, which describe their response while you play. The Dynamic KeyboardMass™ is a special feature in the Melbourne Town Hall Pipe Organ Samples that allows you to simulate and control each of the organ’s keyboards heaviness independently, even if your keyboard controller does not support any dynamics at all. This revolutionary feature adds a new layer of realism playing the virtual pipe organ.

The Dynamic KeyboardMass™ model sets the response of both the speaking and the release part of the pipe sound simultaneously and dynamically, adapting itself to your actual keypresses. Practically this makes the virtual organ a living instrument and ensures that the virtual instrument remains very responsive even if you set it to have very heavy keyboards.

On the Keyboards Page, multiple faders are displayed, each dedicated to a specific manual, and the pedalboard. The faders can be set from light to heavy keyboard mass, independently from each other.

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