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Keys and keyboards

All keys and keyboards are shown in a photo-realistic perspective view, fully responsive to mouse control. The notes, pedal keyboard and swellbox pedal all faithfully mirror your performance intentions.

The instrument has 8 divisions on four 61-note manuals and a 32-note set of pedals.

The first division is called Choir, and on the control pages it is referred to as “Ch”. By default the 1st manual is dedicated to sound this division.

The second division, called Great Organ belongs to the 2nd manual by default, and is referred to as “Go“ on control switches and tables.

The third organ division is the Swell, its short name is “Sw“. By default it is sounded by the 3rd manual.

The fourth division, belonging to the 4th manual is called Solo, and is referred to as “Sol“.

The pedal division is referred to as “Ped“.

The Orchestral, Fanfare and Bombarde divisions are sub-divisions, they do not have any dedicated manual.

Although some division has its dedicated manual or pedalboard, all of them are floating divisions. This means that every division can be played using any keyboard. Such operating modes can be set up on the Keyboards Page by assigning any division to any manual.

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