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Independent Combination Action

The Melbourne Town Hall organ’s combination action is independent of the combination action built in Hauptwerk™ and it replicates the original organ’s own combination action. This feature is completely independent of Hauptwerk’s™ own combination action system, allowing more convenient use.

The instrument’s general combination action has 8 banks with 16 frames in each, while the divisional combination action has 8 banks with 4, 5, 7 or 8 frames for each division. The divisional combinations are pre-loaded, but can be modified in the usual way (see: chapter 3.10.1), or you can program the memory frames for each programable stops on the Crescendo Pages, where the divisional bank can also be chosen.

Programming and resetting from Graphical User Interface (GUI) or Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI)

After you define a stop configuration on the console that you wish to save as a general combination preset (also called a “frame”), press the Set button once, and then press a number or a navigation key to select which combination frame you want to program. If you select the same frame that was previously active, the previous combination will be overwritten with the new one.

Hint: The easiest way to program a particular stop combination into the next frame is to press the Set set button and then press the > increment button. This will program the currently set configuration to the next frame and increment the current frame by one to that frame – with a single click.

If you want to save a previously defined stop configuration of a division as a divisional combination preset, press the Set button once, and then choose a number on the divisional combination action panel.

You can also assign MIDI messages to these buttons so that, if you have a MIDI-capable console, all these functionalities can be directly available to you in physical form as well.

Navigation and use during organ play

Navigating between different combination frames is very easy. You can navigate to the desired bank number by the dedicated ‘up’ and ‘down’ switches, and then press a number. The divisional combination presets can be activated by pressing a number on the divisional combination action panel.

Loading and saving combinations to files

Saving entire banks of combinations is just as easy as saving Hauptwerk’s™ own combinations, and can be configured using the same commands.

Tip: Make sure you save your combination action frames when you unload the organ. You can then restore this later by loading it from the Hauptwerk* menu.

Tutti programs

Melbourne Town Hall Pipe Organ Samples has two pre-loaded Full organ programs: Full Organ I and Full Organ II.


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