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Account suspension and reinstatement

To protect our community and services we may restrict or suspend user accounts. If your account is restricted or suspended, we will contact you by email. We may send you reasons and additional instructions with the steps you need to take to have this issue resolved or your account reinstated.

When does an account get suspended?

Restrictions or suspensions are usually placed on accounts for any one of the following reasons:

  • You have violated one of our rules or policies
  • Your account was involved in potentially damaging or fraudulent activities
  • We could not verify your account information, for example, your name or physical address 
  • You have outstanding expired payments on orders already delivered to you
  • You need to reimburse Inspired Acoustics, for example, for a restocking fee
  • You are a person with whom transactions are prohibited under economic or trade sanctions or you are from a country where Inspired Acoustics is not offering its products or services
  • Your iLok account may be fraud locked for activities unrelated to Inspired Acoustics.

What happens when an account is suspended?

While your account is suspended, you may not be able to log in, change personal information, download existing products or updates, purchase new products, or use and access Inspired Acoustics websites and services. If your account was suspended in connection with fraudulent or stolen licenses we may temporarily request a fraud lock on your iLok account from PACE which will restrict you from accessing your iLok account, moving licenses between activation locations, or redeeming any activation codes from any vendor. Since fraud locking is implemented at an account level on your iLok account, in most cases, the fraud locking can be released upon confirmation of the removal of fraudulent licenses from your account(s). Fees may apply related to revoking fraudulent licenses from your account(s).

How to reinstate an account?

To get your account reinstated, we may ask you to send us additional information. You will find the full details in the message we have sent you. In some cases of outstanding costs, you can reinstate your account by completing a one-time payment and upon receipt of your payment, we will reinstate your account.

What is a support ban?

We strive to attract customers with good intentions and communication. To be able to provide this continuously and protect the quality of service, we may deny service or technical support at any time if you fail to follow good manners or moral foundations.

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