Services - Research and Development

Room acoustic measurement and evaluation programme

Inspired Acoustics offers a specialized service for venues, concert halls, cathedrals and institutions owning a significant acoustical space. Our team of scientists and engineers is available worldwide for capturing and evaluating room acoustics with cutting-edge multi-channel technology. Rapid response teams are available throughout Europe and Asia-Pacific. The Room Acoustic Measurement and Evaluation Programme (RAMP) is an initiative to gather a worldwide database of sonic footprints of significant acoustic venues. Offering much more than simply conducting detailed acoustics measurement and evaluation, the programme can be a unique business model capable of generating income for the institution by having us do the measurements. RAMP offers different business models according to the needs of your institution. Benefits of RAMP can be summarized as follows:

  • Providing detailed room acoustic measurements and evaluation without significant investment
  • Potential to generate income, supporting the institution

Our technology and measurement services are also available through conventional commercial hire arrangements.

Pipe organ virtualization

Inspired Acoustics develops reference pipe organ sample libraries. If you have a great pipe organ or have access to one, or possess an existing sample database Inspired Acoustics can assist with development in the following ways:

  • Record and sample pipe organs of any size even under harsh environmental conditions (such as in the presence of significant road traffic noise)
  • Post processing (noise reduction, looping) and preset building based on sample recordings of various kinds
  • Digital signal processing and analysis of instrument sounds including machine learning and artificial intelligence methods
  • Design and implementation of 3-dimensional virtual user interfaces using CAD technology
  • Assistance with any phase of your pipe organ sampling project from technology to business

Our recording and post processing technology is widely acknowledged, producing a sound quality that demonstrably surpasses conventional approaches.

Academic research

Our scientists and engineers are available for participation in your research projects either in the role of industrial partner or as a contractor, involving:

  • Research related to pipe organ physics and sound production
  • Subjective listening tests and objective parameter analysis
  • Multi-channel sound recording and reproduction methods
  • Room acoustic research related to musical instruments

Custom development and consultancy

Inspired Acoustics also offers custom development services and consultancy for those wishing to create stand-alone media technology software or applications, audio plugins, signal processing algorithm prototypes, web services and more. We are consultancy experts in room acoustics, sound sampling, signal and image processing, as well as instrumentation, measurement and all related business and legal matters.

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