Services - Customization

Content and product customization

Inspired Acoustics' product customization service debuted with the release of Palace of Arts Budapest Pipe Organ Samples Gravissimo Edition for the Hauptwerk virtual pipe organ sampler platform. This unique service fulfills the special needs of customers requiring a product customized in either its sonic capabilities or features.

The service integrates many proprietary techniques and years of experience in development. Specific features available in an individual customization are as follows:

  • customized sound content
    • custom acoustics and reverberation
    • custom organ stops and selection
    • custom voicing tailored to the room acoustic conditions in a professional installation
  • customized features
    • custom organ definiton files with targeted features, such as
      • customized memory consumption
      • custom combination action
      • customized touch sensitivity and response
      • keyboard mass simulation, keyboard assignment features
      • custom couplers and their behavior
      • different performance helping features such as sostenutos and pedal split options
      • customized swellbox responses
    • customized graphics
      • customized pages and graphical interfaces
      • customized buttons and their assignments

Further optional services include a support and maintenance agreement for custom developments, and on-site and remote installation.

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