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Content licensing

Inspired Acoustics offers a wide range of B2B content licensing options of audio and acoustical data. Targeted for content providers, sampler and software vendors as well as system integrators and OEM partners, IA content is available in a wide range of appropriate file and channel formats. The following types of content are available:

  • Pipe organ sample data on a per-pipe, per-stop, per-preset or per-instrument basis
    • A growing database of hundreds of organ stops and millions of individual sound samples
  • Room impulse responses in various multi-channel surround formats
    • Thousands of professionally measured and post-processed room impulse responses of real concert halls, cathedrals, rooms and many other venues of significance are availabe to license, with venue name displaying options available.

Please contact us in case you are considering the integration of our content into your products or services, or should you wish to publish jointly-developed products.

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