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Why was INSPIRATA developed in the first place?

INSPIRATA is the first reverb plugin coming from practicing acoustic consultants who design real performance and acoustic spaces. The initial drive behind the development was that there was no reverb out there combining the merits of sampled and algorithmic reverbs. These two lived in two separate worlds, until now. Convolution reverbs were very inflexible as you were fixed with what was measured and provided. Very often, a single or a few measurement positions were available in a room, and even changing between these measurement positions resulted in a click or at least a full reload in the processing of sound. On the other hand, they sounded very realistic, depending of course on the quality of the room impulse responses. Move to algorithmic reverb to get the opposite: very flexible, but often less realistic results, sometimes even artifacts, and a list of exotic parameters to adjust. Another driving factor was that the parameters you could change in a reverb of whatever kind had a lot more to do with what the algorithm was capable of rather than what acoustical designers take care of when they design a hall. So we had a lot of parameters that were addressing something else than the roots of what room acoustics design is all about. So we decided to start from scratch with a dream reverb that takes samples of real spaces and combines its processing with the flexibility and smoothness of parameter adjustments, and on top of this, we chose acoustic parameters that really matter to the sound, even if we initially had very little or no idea how to change them using signal processing methods - we are acoustic consultants. That was the essence of the inspiration behind INSPIRATA.

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