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When is a public license needed?

Inspired Acoustics Hauptwerk Sample Libraries, installed in churches, schools or concert halls for public performance. master classes or purchased to be hired to your clients, needs to be operated with a Public License. Please contact us if you wish to purchase such licenses.

What differentiates the public/multi-seat licenses to the regular one?

With a public license, in addition to the regular license you can:

  • permanently or temporarily install the sample library on a computer for public use
  • use the sample library in a freely accessible public space (museum lobby, private school, demonstrational use, space of worship)
  • use the sample library in a public space that is paid to be accessible (recording studio, concert hall permanent installation, public school)
  • give paid concerts and play on tours with the sample library
  • use in master courses / classes
  • use the sample library with commercial or non-commercial clients of yours
  • create, broadcast and publish sound recordings (labeling restrictions of sound origin apply)

Example uses of our pipe organ sample libraries with public licenses include:

  • Church, parish installation for freely accessible service and free/charity concerts
  • Concert hall or opera house permanent installation
  • Public school installation in classroom or practice room
  • Public school installation in concert hall using in free/charity concerts
  • Private school installation in classroom, concert hall or practice room
  • Museum public space installation
  • Concert hall lobby public space installation
  • Recording studio serving paid clients
  • Touring concerts / mobile public presentations
  • Orchestral reharsals and concerts
  • Use in R&D projects.

Please note that not every sample library may be offered as a public license. Please contact us for further information.

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