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Combination Action

The Combination Action of the Pusztaszabolcs Pipe Organ Samples is the same unique combination action that was introduced first by the Palace of Arts Budapest Pipe Organ Samples. You can control different sets of stops (combinations) stored in the organ’s internal memory by a single click or touch, uniquely right from the graphical interface.

This feature is independent of Hauptwerk’s™ own combination action system, allowing more convenient use and the possibility to register the virtual organ’s stop list in exactly the same way as on a real organ.

The key element of Pusztaszabolcs’s Combination action is the “Increment” and “Decrement” button array, clearly marked with left- and right-facing triangles.

Combination action is used to access presets of different stop configurations with a single click, an essential feature when performing organ pieces in real time.



Pusztaszabolcs Pipe Organ Samples is capable of storing 8 combinations within its internal memory. You can save and load these into a single file by using Hauptwerk™’s built-in Save and Load functionality in the Combinations menu (as of Hauptwerk™ Version 3.21).

The Combination Action, or “Setzer” in its Germanic name, is accessed and controlled by a group of dedicated buttons. Eight numerical buttons (numbered 1 - 8) can directly access the memory positions, and are also used in conjunction with the arrow-like triangles buttons, permitting rapid navigation within the combination memory.


Programming and resetting

Once you define a stop configuration on the console that you wish to save as a combination preset (also called a “frame”), press the S button once, and then press either a number or a navigation key to select which combination frame you want to program. If you select the same number that was previously active, the previous combination will be overwritten with the new one.

Hint: The easiest way to program a particular stop combination into the next frame is to press the S set button and then press the increment button. This will program the currently set configuration to the next frame and increment the current frame by one to that frame – with a single click.

You can also assign MIDI messages to these buttons so that, if you have a MIDI-capable console, all these functionalities can be directly available to you in physical form as well.

Saving entire banks of combinations is just as easy as saving Hauptwerk’s™ own combinations, and can be configured using the same commands.


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