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Practical applications - Mapping your multichannel recording on stage

Mapping mono recordings: Mono recordings can be represented with a single sound source in Inspirata. If you wish to extend stereo width further (after adjusting the Width slider and controls in the Spatial tab), you can “clone” your sound source by routing the same mono signal to another sound source as well. Placing the second sound source away from the first one can have a significant widening effect.

Mapping stereo and surround recordings: Stereo recordings can be best represented with two sound sources in Inspirata, surround recordings with more than two sources. In the case of stereo recordings, please route the left channel in one and the right channel in the other sound source. By placing them close to each other or further apart you can vary the perceived width of the sound source greatly. Multi-channel recordings can also be best represented with multiple sound sources in Inspirata. The number and position of sound sources will vary from application to application.

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