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What is the difference between the mechanical and electrical couplers in PAB?

On the real organ the mechanical  couplers make a mechanical connection between the keyboard (the keys on  different keyboards move together when the coupler is engaged), while  the electrical couplers make an electrical connection without a joint  key movement. In the PAB Professional and Extended Editions, the  electrical and mechanical couplers only have a visual difference, their  operation is the same. In PAB Gravissimo, the electrical couplers are  coupling between the divisions (i.e., Great, Positive, etc.) while the  mechanic couplers connect keyboards (i.e., I, II, III, etc.). Since in  PAB Gravissimo you can assign different divisions to different keyboards  and change this assignment while you play, the couplers will work  differently. Both electric and mechanical couplers are available for use  whichever you prefer.

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