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What does the name 2R in the organ file mean?

There are certain virtual pipe organ  products that ship with more than one organ file for the reason to  provide more flexibility in different loading setups. By default,  Inspired Acoustics virtual pipe organs for Hauptwerk version 3 and  version 4 use 3 different release sample layers for each note. This  means that for the shortest, longer and very long notes have individual  release samples. This provides more realism in the sound, but also uses  more RAM when you load it. Since Hauptwerk version 3 and 4 provides the  ability to load "all" or "first" release layers only, there is no other  way to load only 2 release layers of the available 3 than by using a  different organ file. This is exactly what the 2R version provides,  namely the option to load the organ with only 2 release layers. That  provides slightly less realism than the default 3 layer version, but  also uses less RAM. If you are working with a sample set with a longer  reverberation and the Dynamic KeyboardMass functionality enabled, you  can safely use the 2R version without greatly affecting the realism of  the sound. By using the 2R version you will save a significant amount of  polyphony and RAM.

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