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Performance Sequencer

PAB Gravissimo’s unique PerformanceSequencer™ is a secondary combination action that helps you storing and recalling configuration-related parameters, such as the keyboard assignment, the swellbox assignment or so. In detail it stores the following:

  • keyboard assignment settings (the state of all buttons the sets the keyboard assignments)
  • swellbox characteristic buttons (curves, ranges and pedal directions)
  • keyboard mass settings (enable-disable buttons but not slider states)
The PerformanceSequencer™ has 8 frames each accessible by a dedicated button labeled Conf. 1 to Conf. 8. The current configuration can be stored by using the Combination Action’s S (set) button. To store, for example, the current state in Conf. 3: press S and then Conf. 3.
  By default, the configuration parameters are recalled from the PerformanceSequencer™. If you wish however to recall them from the Combination Action, press the button ‘Conf. from Combi.’ which will enable this feature. This can be useful if you change manual or swellbox assignments within a piece and you wish to have the PAB combination action store it.
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