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Installing the PAB Pipe Organ Samples requires that you own a registered, installed copy of Hauptwerk™ virtual pipe organ software, together with a registered, working USB dongle. See Chapter 3.2 for more detail about acquiring a Hauptwerk™ license and authorizing the dongle. Please do not attempt to install the PAB library unless you have a registered copy of Hauptwerk™ installed in your computer.

This installation procedure is for Hauptwerk™ version 3.30. If using a later version of Hauptwerk™, the required steps may be slightly different in detail; please refer to your version’s copy of the Hauptwerk™ User Guide.

  1. Plug in the first USB stick or External Hard Disk Drive into an unused USB slot of your computer. Wait until the computer recognizes the USB drive and, either a drive letter is dispatched to it (PC - Windows), or it is mounted on the desktop (Mac - OS X). Once your computer has accessed the USB stick / External Hard Disk Drive, proceed to the next step.
  2. Launch Hauptwerk™ virtual organ software.
  3. From within Hauptwerk™, go to the file menu and select Install organ, sample set, temperament or impulse response
    1. The program will prompt you to select the program to install.
    2. Navigate to the USB stick / External Hard Disk Drive to select the first file set to install. All of the available file sets should be installed in order to make the library work.
    3. Click Open and then click OK on the next screen.
    4. Wait until Hauptwerk™ finishes installing the file you have selected.
  4. Repeat Step 3 until all files are installed from the first USB stick / External Hard Disk Drive.
    1. Remove the current USB stick from the computer, and plug in the next USB stick.
  5. Repeat Steps from 3 to 4 until you have finished installing all of the files from all of the USB sticks.

Important: The Gravissimo Edition requires the Extended Edition to be installed first. Please make sure that you install the provided packages in their alphabetic order.


Upgrading and updating PAB Pipe Organ Samples

(The following description applies to PAB version 2 products.)

There are two cases for which you may need to apply an upgrade:

  1. You wish to apply a new update to your current Edition
  2. You own a smaller Edition that you wish to upgrade to a larger Edition

The procedure for installing upgrades and updates is the same as the normal installation process, except that, instead of inserting USB drives, you may receive the update or upgrade files by downloading them from the Inspired Acoustics website,

Migrating Combination Action files from PAB Professional or Extended Editions in Hauptwerk 3.30

(The following description applies to PAB version 2 products.)

ATTENTION: This modification requires advanced computer knowledge.

The combination action files that you saved with the Professional or Extended Editions are fully compatible with the Gravissimo Edition. A slight modification is required to be made to the combination action file to make them work. The steps to make a combination action file of the Professional or Extended Edition recognized by the Gravissimo Edition are as follows:

  1. Copy the desired combination action file(s) to the Gravissimo Edition’s combination action folder. To do this:
    1. Locate the \HauptwerkUserData\OrganCombinations\ folder.
    2. In the case of migrating from the Professional Edition, go to the 000510, in the case of migrating from the Extended Edition, go to the 000520 folder and copy your saved combination action file (e.g. MyCombination.OrganCombinationSet.Hauptwerk.xml) into a folder named 000927. If there is no such folder 000927 yet, just create it. The 000927 folder should be located near the 000510 or 000520 folder, but not inside any of them.
  2. Replace the OrganID in your combination action file.
    1. Go to the 000927 folder and edit the combination action file that you copied there. (Open for editing the file named for example MyCombination.OrganCombinationSet.Hauptwerk.xml). Use any text editor that can save raw text files, but do not use advanced text processors such as office suites.
    2. Find the line either
      and replace the text 510 or 520 with 927 so that the result will be:
    3. Save the combination action file. You can now load Hauptwerk™ and load the combination file.
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