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Crescendo wheel (Walze)

The crescendo wheel is an axially rotating drum operated by foot control, and is used in place of a conventional crescendo pedal. The Walze is positioned to the left of the foot-operated swellbox pedals. Sliding (rolling) it forward from position 00 to a higher position triggers stops in a preset user-defined manner, according to the sequence contained in the respective Crescendo Program. Cyan lighted stops control the crescendo wheel located in the bank of Manual IV. (Solo) stops.

Note: To enable the crescendo program, turn on the stop 133 Walze An. 

  Stop switch

133 Walze an (Walze On)
Crescendo wheel enabler
134 Koppeln aus Walze
       (Couplers off Walze)
Disables couplers from the current crescendo wheel position
135 Mixturen aus Walze
       (Mixtures off Walze)
Disables mixture stops from the current crescendo wheel position
136 Zungen aus Walze
       (Reeds off Walze)
Disables reed stops from the current crescendo wheel position

Note: You must turn on Stop #133 Walze An to enable the crescendo wheel. If you enable the wheel on a non-zero position of the crescendo wheel, such as 26 for example, the corresponding combination will load.

The virtual instrument supports four crescendo programs. While two programs are pre-loaded in the instrument, you can freely modify any of them. The crescendo has 61 stages, from 00 to 60, inclusive.

To toggle the crescendo program between #1 and #2, and back again, push the button labeled with W >  .
You will find this button near the Crescendo Indicator. If the current program is the last and you push this button, you will be brought back to the 1st program.
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