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The stage console has several button controls for use during live performance. Some of these buttons control additional sounds, such as the engine Motor or Tuba; other buttons control or trigger functions, such as the Combination Action or the temporary removal/restoration of reed stops.

Optional Engine Sounds (Motor, Tuba)

The Motor and the Tuba button are buttons that will optionally turn on the organ motors. The real organ has a separate electric motor for the stop Tuba Mirabilis 8’ on the 4th (Solo) manual. The virtual instrument however allows you to play all stops without any motor noise at all, allowing the creation of super-high-quality totally noise-free recording, something that is (naturally) not even achievable on the real instrument. For those seeking ultimate realism, just turn on the motors!

Note:        You can only turn on the Tuba button after the Motor is turned on. When the Motor is turned on, the Combination Action will trigger stop action sounds as well. The Crescendo Wheel Programs can store and control turning on or off the Engine for your convenience.

All reeds off button (-Z)

This button, available as both a foot piston on the Console Page and as a separate button with the label –Z, will temporarily disable the reeds from any active configuration of stops.

Interesting fact: Letter Z denotes Zungen, the German name of Reeds.

Plenum and Tutti buttons (PL and TT)

PAB Pipe Organ Samples Gravissimo Edition ships with pre-programmed Plenum and Tutti combinations (PL and TT, respectively) for your convenience. If you have not had time (or are disinclined) to prepare preset combinations, just press either of these buttons, and you will get moderate-level or full-level sound, as desired.

This feature is available both as foot pistons marked as PL and TT and as square-shaped wooden buttons on the Center, Left and Right pages.

In the Gravissimo Edition you can program these buttons freely using the S button and then pressing the PL or the TT. When you save a combination file in HauptwerkTM, your custom TT and PL will also be saved. If you wish to restore the original programs, just reload the organ.

Note: Note that in PAB Gravissimo Edition version 1.0 the additional stops cannot be stored in the PL or TT programs, however, all new couplers can, so by using the 16’ and 4’ couplers you can still access their sounds.

Cancel and Zero buttons

Due to the large number of stops in this organ, it is not easy to turn off all stops manually. To make this easier, there are Cancel and Zero buttons. Cancel buttons turn off each manual’s stops independently, while the Zero button turns all stops and couplers off with a single click, and will also deactivate the PL and TT pistons. The Cancel buttons are located near the stop switches and are labeled with the name of their respective manual.

The Zero or general cancel button turns all stops and couplers off. In Palace of Arts Budapest Pipe Organ Samples it is marked with a zero sign Ø and is located on the right side beneath the first manual on the Console Page.

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