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About Kolozsvár

Kolozsvár Pipe Organ Samples (KOL) is a baroque virtual pipe organ  chromatically sampled stop-by-stop. The organ was originally built by  Johannes Hahn in 1752 and was restored in 1996. Most of the historic  pipework have been reserved in their original condition, and another  Hahn organ from the same year was also saved and used as the positive.  The St. Michael's Church is located in Cluj-Napoca (Kolozsvár in  Hungarian), Romania, and it is second largest church in Transylvania.  Due to its inner properties the church is still relatively dry compared  to its size, providing a well balanced church acoustic. The instrument  has 35 stops in three organ cases. Besides its photo-realistic modelled, extended and full-featured  console, the Kolozsvár Pipe Organ Samples supports the Dynamic  KeyboardMass™ control to provide a realistic playing experience.  Adjustable tracker noise levels and an easily adjustable acoustic  perspective in the Professional Edition are also supported.

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