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Can INSPIRATA be used as a native surround reverb? Or for upmixing? How are Inputs and Sound Sources; Outputs and Speaker Setup align into one system?

To understand the concept better, let’s follow a hypothetical signal path for a second. In INSPIRATA, Input means the signal that you feed the plugin with. Each input can be a virtual sound source placed at a physical location in the acoustic space. For example you can have a mono input channel of a recorded singing voice, or a stereo channel of a piano. Every single input channel is mapped to a sound source in INSPIRATA that will speak in the room of your choice. Once you are set with your sound sources, you can define your speaker setup which determines the surround channel format of your reverb. It can be anything from mono to 22.2 or an Atmos bed, you name it (possible choices depending on the editions). If you choose 5.1, you will have a 6-channel output corresponding to the surround sound. So if you took a mono sound source you can upmix it to 5.1 with INSPIRATA with the proper panning, gain and reverberation applied automatically.

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