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INSPIRATA is an Immersive Reverb Workstation - what does that mean?

INSPIRATA is taking care of a lot of things and interactions automatically, in a smart way, but still provides you with the flexibility to fine-tune almost every aspect of the spatial, energetic and temporal parameters of the room acoustics. You can actually redesign the acoustics of the hall on-the-fly, instantly hearing what it will sound like if you would add a bit more clarity, a little less reverberation time at 500 Hz or perhaps more sound was surrounding you (so-called listener envelopment) in the hall. All of these changes have a real, physical counterpart. For example, to increase clarity you would install reflectors near the sound source; or for more damping (meaning less reverberation time) you would design a material working at that frequency range and put the right amount of it in the space. All of this is now possible without knowing what needs to be done, you just adjust the acoustics the way it should sound like. In INSPIRATA, you start working from the factual reality that we measured in each hall and then move to any desired state of acoustics paved by parameters and methods that really matter to the hearing. We added many of the essential aspects of acoustical science discovered in the last 130 years or so. Moreover, INSPIRATA  allows for immersive surround mixing and panning in multiple formats, sets the proper gain adjustments, takes into account damping and propagation in real time, sets the delays and handles all the technical processing in the background to ensure an accurate sound reproduction. Mixing is achieved by the acoustics itself, and if something is not to your taste, you directly adjust the acoustics to get the right sound and feel, and the mix will follow, in real-time. That is why INSPIRATA is a workstation in itself.

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