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How to convert PAB v1/v2 combination sets to PAB v3 with the IA Combination Set Converter application?

IMPORTANT: Please do the conversion before installing the new version of the organ. Combination sets loaded in the new version of the organ will be overwritten.

  1. Backup your combinations files outside Hauptwerk's folder!
    • To find the combination files load any organ and click:
    • Registration -> Browse/rename/delete combination sets... 
Browse combination sets in HW
  • Navigate one level up from the opened directory.
  • Make sure to backup at least the directories containing any of the following organIDs: 510, 520, 521, 523, 524, 927. (You will only see the ones you have installed).
  • Remember the location of this directory, you will need it in the next step. 
  1. Open the IA Combination Set Converter application:
Combination converter app

  1. Click the Choose button and navigate to the directory where the Hauptwerk combination files are stored
    • You need to select the directory containing the saved combinations.
    • This contains several directories, each starting with 'OrganID'. See step 1. on how to find it.
    • The default path is: Hauptwerk\HauptwerkUserData\OrganCombinations\ 
  2. Select an organ from the top list.
  3. On the second list all saved combination sets are listed for the selected organ. Select the ones you wish to use with the updated organ.
    • You can select multiple items by holding down the Ctrl or the Shift key.
  4. From the third list select the updated organs you are planning to install. Selecting multiple items is possible.
  5. Click the Convert button to start the conversion and wait for it to finish. This can take a few minutes.
    • The new combination sets will be created in the appropriate folder and will have the name of the original combination set prefixed with: "converted_from_[organ name]".
    • Your old combination sets will remain unaffected.
  6. Repeat steps 4-7 for any additional organ packages you wish to convert.
  7. Install the updated organ packages.
  8. Load and test the converted combinations using Hauptwerk's Registration panel.

Avoid loading old combination sets in an updated organ since this can cause Hauptwerk to overwrite that combination set!

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