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How accurate is INSPIRATA acoustically compared to a real space?

INSPIRATA is using sampled recordings in the halls which were recorded at listening height, and we do not provide a full-height adjustment in the spaces yet. This is reflected in the Fine Tune page’s floor plan where you can move only horizontally, but not vertically with your listening position.

However, we captured the 3D sound field at every location meaning that you can unrestrictedly hear sounds coming from above and below, but your virtual head placement is restricted to move to places humans can reach without climbing equipment. Opening up this movement to unrestricted 3D would blow up the data library size unfeasibly, and, we must admit, we would also need to spend quite a bit more time doing measurements in the spaces, too.

Another technical compromise we had to make is related to the size and resolution of the sampled space. In order to provide smoothness in movement, we restricted the shadowing effect of the direct sound near pillars and corners that are very small compared to the floor plan visible in INSPIRATA’s Fine Tune page. This was made so that once you move your listener near such obstacles sound changes will still be smooth. In the real room, you would experience greater changes in certain areas of the room, and this has been deliberately smoothed out.

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