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Audio Units plugins on macOS 14.4 may fail to load on devices with M2 and M3 chips

Notice of Compatibility Issue with Audio Units Plugins on macOS Sonoma 14.4

We have identified a significant compatibility issue affecting users of Audio Units plugins on the latest macOS release, Sonoma 14.4 when using Inspired Acoustics plugins on devices equipped with M2 and M3 chips. The issue is related to the compatibility of PACE and Apple software. PACE and Apple are actively collaborating to address this problem.

Description of the Issue

The compatibility issue causing a crashing arises on macOS 14.4 only, with Audio Units plugins of Inspired Acoustics in its PACE protection module. This issue is currently known to affect systems running on the ARM (Apple Silicon) architecture only, specifically devices equipped with M2 or M3 chips. Devices with M1 chips do not appear to be affected.

Current Status and Workarounds

Apple is aware of the compatibility problem and is working on a fix to be included in a future macOS release. However, the timeline for this update is not currently known. In the meantime, we are conducting extensive testing to fully understand the scope of the issue and ensure Apple has all necessary information to resolve the problem effectively.

For our users who have upgraded to macOS 14.4 and are encountering this issue, we recommend a temporary workaround to ensure the continued functionality of your software. If your plugin is distributed as a Universal binary, you may attempt to run your Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) under Rosetta. This has been found to bypass the issue for some users. However, if this is not an option or if the problem persists, we advise refraining from updating to macOS 14.4, or downgrading to an earlier version of macOS if possible, until a permanent fix is released.

Stay Updated

We understand the inconvenience this issue may cause and are committed to providing updates as the situation evolves. We recommend checking our self-service help center regularly for the latest information and guidance, including this page. Your patience and understanding are greatly appreciated as Apple is working on resolving this issue. Thank you for your continued support.

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