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1 Room browser

The rooms available are listed in the room browser. You can select a room by clicking on its picture. Each room has a room category represented by a small icon in its upper left corner. You can mark a room as favorite by clicking on the star icon in the upper right corner.

Troubleshooting: If you have no rooms listed here, either:

  • You need to download the Roompack for Inspirata.

  • You need to set up the room path in the settings menu so that Inspirata will find them. You can add a new room folder path in the settings menu by clicking on the “+” button. All folders added will be scanned.   

2 Room category filter

There is a filter In the upper left corner of the BROWSER tab. Using this filter, you can easily select which types of rooms you would like to view in the browser. By selecting CONCERT HALL for example, only rooms falling into this category will appear in the browser. Clicking on ALL will list all available rooms. Clicking on FAVORITES lists only the rooms that were previously marked as a favorite using the little star icon. Default filter options are:

  • ALL






  • POST

3 Sorting

This control in the lower left of the interface allows you to choose the order in which the rooms will appear in the browser list.

  • A-Z: lists the rooms by alphabetical order.

  • VOLUME: lists the rooms by room volume

  • DECAY: lists the rooms by the spatial average of T30 reverberation time

You can also choose to list the rooms in ascending or descending order.

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