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I would like to sell or transfer the product I bought. Am I allowed to do this?

In all countries, the End-User License Agreement (EULA) covers the rules of transferring the license of the product (sample set, software, etc.) you purchased. 

Customers living outside the European Union are currently not allowed to transfer the license unless a written permission is given by Inspired Acoustics. Please notify us if you intend to transfer your license to someone else and Inspired Acoustics will review the situation and provide further details. License transfers of certain Inspired Acoustics products protected by the iLok software is allowed. If you are unsure about this, please submit a support ticket.

In case you live in the European Union, you are automatically permitted to transfer the license of your sample set to someone else. To transfer an iLok protected product's license, such as INSPIRATA, you need to start the process in the iLok License Manager.

To transfer a sample set’s license made for Hauptwerk v4 and versions before or made for Kontakt or GigaStudio, to someone else, you will be required to remove the license from your computer completely, including the installation files for downloaded products or the retail box itself if you purchased one, and all copies and backups of the installation materials. Certain sample sets made for Hauptwerk v4 and before purchased before 2019 are using USB dongle based copy protection that is no longer supported by its vendor Milan Digital Audio. For these products, you cannot transfer the license without physically transferring the USB dongle itself. 

The new customer is entitled for additional technical support from IA in case the product was originally purchased 3 years before or in case of purchasing an extended support plan for transferred license. Please contact us for further details.

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