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MIDI assignment of lighted pistons

There are two ways to configure MIDI output for lighted pistons.

  1. The first one requires slightly less work but has some limitations and might not work with all consoles. To set up MIDI assignment simply select Auto-detect from the right-click menu of the piston and follow the displayed instructions. Make sure that the Send matching MIDI output... box is ticked and your console is selected as MIDI OUT port.
    NOTE: This won't work properly with consoles that have momentary switches that send note-off messages when released. The lamps will not light up when the combination frame is activated by other means, for example via a stepper.
  2. With this method, the piston's lamp is linked to the internal state of the assigned control, so it should work in cases mentioned above when the first method won't. 
    1. Start with selecting the Adjust MIDI settings manually... option from the right-click menu.
    2. Here you can use the Auto-detect function but make sure to untick the Send matching MIDI output... option.
    3.  In the dropdown labeled ('On') note the midi message sent by your console will appear. Take a note of this.
    4. In the switch list on the left, the currently selected switch has the suffix '_IN1' . Select the one with the same name but without the suffix. 
    5. Select the Primary output tab and configure the output to match the port, channel and note settings seen in step c.
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