Virtual Pipe Organ Basics - Use cases

Use cases

Virtual pipe organs are used by thousands of professionals and enthusiasts globally on a daily basis. Virtual pipe organs, also known as software organs, employ a database hundreds of times larger than commercial digital organs, chromatically sampled, sometimes in multiple layers for a single pipe depending on speech, and play back extended data samples for each pipe, resulting in the sonic nuances and time-variance of the instruments accurately and convincingly reproduced. Software organs, in the concept employed by Inspired Acoustics, do not – and are not intended to – exist without real pipe organs. Instead, the concept is wholly dedicated to these important actual instruments.

Software organ technology, therefore, can be an ideal choice

  • for practice instruments at home or in an institution,
  • for touring and mobile instruments and recitals on stage,
  • for teaching and learning on various styles and schools of instrument,
  • to reduce the wear and tear on the original pipe organ by permitting helpful and meaningful practice on the virtual version,
  • to make the sound and features of the instrument virtually accessible at a dedicated location (museum, concert hall lobby),
  • to develop a product that supports the maintenance of the original pipe organ without further investment by the owner of the pipe organ, as well as
  • to interactively document the sound of the pipe organ in a given historical state (an aural ‘snapshot’), thus making it not only audible but also fully playable.

In some cases, based on the requirements or restrictions of the owner of the organ, this approach can also be used:

  • for installation where, for a variety of reasons, a pipe organ is not feasible (size, humidity, etc.),
  • to extend existing pipe organs where sounds are missing or not feasible in a single-stage completion effort,
  • to temporarily replace a pipe organ during restorative works, and
  • for music composition where a pipe organ with full flexibility is required.

Some use case examples of Inspired Acoustics virtual pipe organs in institutions:

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