Virtual Pipe Organ Basics - Benefits

Benefits for the performer

Accessing and better understanding instruments all over the world has a great educational value, providing more equal opportunity than physical travel. With virtual organs, both professional and enthusiast players can perform pieces on an instrument of choice more related to the piece, era or style. With pipe organs being unique and different to a great extent, this is a value and benefit widely appreciated among the users.

Also, concert organists and touring musicians often meet a pretty unfair condition of ‘driving’ an organ they often first encounter the day before the performance, with limited time assigned to practice. The specific features and nuances are often not documented in great detail, and therefore one cannot be very well prepared for it. Professional organists may get used to this, but in many cases it is extremely beneficial to learn how an instrument works, experience what is possible to achieve with it, and just spend more time at it and get inspired by its details. Recently, some concert halls started to dispatch virtual sample sets of their organs to assist visiting organists and composers before their visit.

Additionally, by enjoying our virtual organs, you join our mission and materially help the real instruments.

Benefits for the church and institution

Projects implemented by Inspired Acoustics have different, customized business models, providing the possibility of assistance in the maintenance of the instrument. Inspired Acoustics virtual instruments can financially support the preservation of the real pipe organs recorded. Unlike (for example) sneaking up to the choir loft to "grab samples in the dark", our virtual organs shed light on each unique instrument and venue while bringing new opportunities.

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