Investing in one or more of our products is an investment in the future with practical results in the present. Our innovative methods and cutting-edge algorithms are empowering innovation and permit the preservation of intangible values, such as the distinctive sound qualities of a pipe organ or an acoustical space, with ever-greater authenticity and realism. Recognizing the need for ongoing work and the room for improvement ahead, the small team of Inspired Acoustics aims at a continuous, step-by-step self-development, based on the support of a larger community.

R&D and Innovation

Developers at Inspired Acoustics are deeply committed to science, particularly to signal processing and applied acoustic science, electro-acoustic and music-related research. All IA developments are based on research results. Among our key research activities are

  • acoustic measurements
  • objective and subjective room acoustic evaluation
  • pipe organ measurements and analysis
  • synthesis, music theory

Our methods, knowledge and publications are the results of continuous in-house research and development. Recent research topics include

  • IA-R0897: Adaptive noise reduction of highly transient sonic data. Status: Finished.
  • IA-R0898: Development of multi-channel looping methods. Status: Finished.
  • IA-R0899: A new method for near-real-time convolution. Status: Finished.
  • IA-R0900: Fourier kernel-based seamless transient noise reduction in weakly time-varying data. Status: Finished.
  • IA-R0901: Influence of room acoustics on the performance of organ music. Status: In progress.
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