Partners, Clients and References

ENTEL’s Inspired Acoustics division has completed both large and small-scale organ virtualization projects. It introduced a more holistic approach to virtualization by providing a triad of features: sonic, visual and functional documentation of pipe organs combined with professional acoustic measurements and CAD modelling. Empowered by broad cooperation with organ builders, world class organists, professional composers, music academies and a vast and diverse range of organ enthusiasts, Inspired Acoustics creates virtual pipe organs drawn from uniquely significant venues with unprecedented authenticity and attention to detail. As an industry first, Inspired Acoustics virtual pipe organs are equipped, not only with all console functions of the original instrument, but with additional selectable user convenience features for the utmost in performance versatility. In a real, practical sense, this comprehensive virtualization allows the player access to the actual organ without having to be there.

Inspired Acoustics has completed successful sampling and audio development projects for various sampler and software platforms. The first product, Notre Dame de Budapest Pipe Organ Samples was a sound sample library with church organ data developed for Shirokuma Ltd., becoming a market-leading reference product shortly after its release.

For the Palace of Arts, Budapest, Inspired Acoustics has developed a totally unique, first-in-the-world integrated system we call the Organ Simulator, where a software organ ‘in the background’ provides sonic access to the instrument of the concert hall with real, physical pipe organ keyboards and pedalboard, while an interactive user interface with rich media content enables the user in listening to and experiencing the instrument, information on upcoming concerts and more.

The initiative to preserve the sound of pipe organs and their accompanying acoustic environments in a virtually playable form is widely supported by our current partners. Originally these were separate missions, but with the passage of time they have become integrated. We are implementing the initiative of preserving acoustical heritage under the official patronage of the Hungarian National Commission for UNESCO, as well as the Secretariat of the Hungarian World Heritage Committee. Leading partner institutes include the Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music and the Palace of Arts Budapest from Hungary.

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