Kispest Pipe Organ Samples


Kispest Pipe Organ Samples (KO) is a 38-stop romantic virtual pipe organ chromatically sampled stop-by-stop. The Kispest Pipe Organ is the first ever virtual pipe organ to feature a unique realtime spatial adjustability in its Professional Edition, and Dynamic KeyboardMass™ control in all its Editions. The Hauptwerk 3 compatible sample set ships with multiple loops, multilple releases. The Personal Edition features a wide stereo, the Professional Edition contains an additional stereo, quad surround and adjustable surround version - 4 in 1 package.

The 1927/2001 Rieger-Varga organ, located at the Notre Dame of Kispest is considered simply as one of the best sounding romantic instrument in the wider region.

The virtual Kispest Pipe Organ financially supports the maintenance of the original instrument.

Feature highlight: Dynamic KeyboardMass™ functionality simulating the real keyboards.

Key features

  • The organ
    • the 1927/2001 Rieger/Varga French romantic organ of the Notre Dame of Kispest, Budapest, Hungary; entirely virtualized
    • 38 stops, 2 manuals (with 58 keys) and pedal (with 30 keys)
    • electrical console
    • Equal tuning at a=440 Hz
  • The recording
    • High Definition Sampling (HDS) — all stops were sampled chromatically at 192 kHz / 24-bit
    • Advanced Pipe Organ Measurements (APM)
  • The sample set
    • 48 kHz / 32-bit format
    • Real-time adjustable stereo and surround, 4-channel fixed surround, and 2-channel stereo versions
    • Natural sound image — the samples contain all spatial information as they are heard
    • Multiple loops per sample (Professional Edition), single loops per sample (Personal Edition)
    • Touch sensitivity
      • velocity-sensitive (attack and release) optional tracker action noises
    • Acoustics
      • natural, out-of-the-box cathedral acoustics
      • multiple release samples
    • Real-time acoustic controlfor both stereo and surround setups (Professional Edition)
      • an intuitive VST plugin is included for native 64-bit and 32-bit VST hosts as well
      • up to 8.0 surround per instance of VST plugins
    • Noises (also available in adjustable surround)
      • optional organ engine (blower) noise
      • optional touch sensitive tracker action noises
    • Dynamic KeyboardMass™ functionality
      • simulates and controls the weigth and inertia of organ keyboards and action independently using a dynamic model
      • allows you to adjust the weight of the keyboards in real-time while you play
    • Advanced features
      • Swellbox pedal operational direction selector
      • Independent Combination Action — entirely GUI-controllable faithfully reproducing the original organ's
      • Wind stability control*
    • Graphical interface
      • Multiple touchscreen-optimized pages best viewed at 1280x1024 native resolution
      • Entirelly remodelled console, perspectivic keyboards

Please note that although the Kispest virtual pipe organ implements controlling wind stability, the feature is not supported by Hauptwerk for customers residing in the US according to Hauptwerk manufacturer Milan Digital Audio.

Personal Edition

The Personal Edition features all stops in a wide  stereo, 48 kHz / 24-bit configuration with out-of-the-box wet acoustics.  The virtual instrument has the same features and controls as the  instruments of the Professional Edition, except that there are no  surround and acoustic adjustability features.

Professional Edition

The Professional Edition contains 4 independently  installable organs, each coming with different spatial and microphone  configuration types. The Wide Stereo version is the exact same as the  Personal Edition, and there are three additional acoustic setups: the  Stereo (which contains a more narrow stereo image compatible with  convolution reverb), the Quad Surround using 2 front and 2 rear  channels, and the Adjustable Surround, which by employing the supplied  VST plugin can configure the acoustics in real time. The Extended Edition will be an upgrade to the Professional Edition.


The sample set comes in a Hauptwerk-specific encrypted format,  compatible with Hauptwerk 3.31, 4.0 and later. Modification or  disassembling the organ contents through the CODM interface of Hauptwerk  is not supported since the variety of functions, the large number  temperament data and the availability of the special built-in  perspective adjustment already offers most of the functions or more than  what the CODM interface may offer. The complexity of the Organ  Definition File shipping with this organ is fairly high and building  custom variants requires a certain amount of special expertise. If you  are planning a custom or commercial application that requires a  different setup what Kolozsvar Pipe Organ Samples offers now, please  contact us for making a customized version for you.

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